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I teach parents & teachers how to raise self-educating children with parenting & educational philosophies centered around Charlotte Mason’s original writings so that they can master this method of home education from birth through high school.

The only virtual Charlotte Mason conference that feels like an in-person event
that lays out the CORE philosophies that lead to self-education. 

“Self-education is the ONLY education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.” Charlotte Mason

Raising a Self-Educating Child Requires PHILOSOPHIES
to form wholesome character and conduct while empowering a child to take ownership of their own education.

To raise self-educating children, you must focus 80% of your time on understanding this method as a way to the end of your child’s education with a step-by-step process to that end and the other 20% on readying your child for self-education so that they will go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose.



Discover the action that will move you forward from new or ‘unsure’ to mastery of this method of education!



Discover the 20 necessary steps to motivate your child to take ownership of their education!

Focus on these actions that leads to Charlotte Mason Mastery.

These four actions are needed to master the philosophies that results in raising self-educating children.



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Identifying Limiting Homeschool Mindset

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Hey! I’m Dollie…

When I began to homeschool in 1999, I had one year experience as a Kindergarten teacher and the desire to hand-select what our children learned from the beginning. It wasn’t until the boxed curriculum that I purchased that first homeschool year created conflicts with how we were raising our children that I quickly realized that I needed more than well-meaning advice to choose what our children will learn.

My Journey to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Once I had accepted that the curriculum I had choosen wasn’t going to work for our family, I began researching what I had hoped to experience as a homeschooling family. I was already attracted to classical education, but my first selection wasn’t the right fit for our family.

Investing hours on the internet, I stumbled across my first introduction of Charlotte Mason. Up to this introduction, I had never heard of her method. The concept of ‘living books’ quickly drew me in and I purchased The Original Homeschool Series by Charlotte Mason, of which I have become a lifelong student.

This six volume series written in the late 1800 and early 1900’s resulted in me truly understanding how children learn, form habits, and the influence of ideas that lead to future character and conduct of a person.

With these parenting and educational philosophies influencing me, I began to develop an atmosphere of education in our home! 

Not only was I able to create this atmosphere, but I empowered our children with the discipline of education that allowed them to take ownership of their education!

It was through the influence of ideas that I established the education of life that raised self-educating children that grew to fruitful purpose from birth to high school with this method of education. 

By being a lifelong student of Charlotte Mason’s original writings, I raised adults who were ready for college and career with wholesome character and conduct that allowed them to stand out in their class and among colleagues. 

I accredit our children’s accomplishment with the tens of thousands of hours that I’ve studied and implemented the parenting and educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason coupled with my planning framework to simplify this classic education to appease state & local government requirements while preparing children to master adulthood with excellence in whatever they choose to grow to fruitful purpose. 

If you’re ready to commit to a Charlotte Mason education that leads to self-education, I would be overjoyed to share how I can help shortcut your time to experiencing the breathe of fresh air this method will bring to your homeschool.



Before I started using the Charlotte Mason method to home educate our children, I was a full-blown city girl. Nature didn’t grab my attention and when it did… it terrified me! However, our struggling learner needed nature more than I realized so I became intentional about making it part of our studies and came alongside our children to learn with them.

Being inspired by a book, A Year With the Birds, I decided that our first year with the Charlotte Mason way would have us studying birds for a whole year. We put feeders up in our yard, my husband built birdhouses with the kids, and we journaled new birds that visited our feeders.

Our book studies often were interrupted by visiting birds as we became eager about learning about the birds we were feeding. One March morning, my routine glances out the window noticed a pair of Wren’s with things in their beaks. I watched them fly to one of our birdhouses. Then they flew out to only repeat the task. It hit me… they’re building a nest in our homemade birdhouse! 

For the first time in my life, I was genuinely excited about nature and I wanted to embrace this new passion that homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way brought out in me.

Our lessons turned to nature that morning, as we bundled up with hot chocolate in our mugs, blankets, and chairs in tow as we made camp about 10 feet from the birdhouse. We sat there in complete silence as we watched Jenny Wren and Jeremy Wren (we named them after our favorite Wren in one of our bird books) build their nest. For the first time in our homeschooling, we took our education out of books and used the outdoors as our teacher. Our children were showing that the ideas they found in books were being played out by naming our wild pets.

It was in that moment that I fell in love with the Charlotte Mason way. The city girl was disappearing and turning into a naturalist. It is this memory that I devote my blog and product design to always include bird’s nest and eggs.