Dollie Freeman

Dollie Freeman

Creator of The Charlotte Mason Framework

Veteran Charlotte Mason homeschool mom of four children who has successfully taught with this method from preschool through high school.
Hey! I’m Dollie Freeman, and I have been homeschooling since 1999 and loving it.

I will never forget our decision to homeschool. It literally took ONE minute for my husband to hear that I wanted to homeschool for him to be on board with the idea. That quickness may be from his own mother’s desire to homeschool her kids, but never having the opportunity, or from my own experience teaching Kindergarten (uncertified, at a private school) the year before.

We were only a few weeks into homeschooling our first year, and I was struggling with the way the curriculum felt to teach it to my daughter. It was a very popular curriculum, and one that many people I knew was using for their own children, but it just didn’t feel right for us.

I started researching and came across Charlotte Mason.

I was hooked!

For the first time since started, my younger son was part of our learning and was loving the nature side of what we were doing, which proved important for when he struggled to read for years.

Our children were showing fruits of this method of education from the beginning, and my confidence in this way of learning was solidified.

We have gone through high school using the Charlotte Mason way successfully with two of our children. Our third child is currently in his beginning stages of high school, while our youngest is flourishing in 1st grade.

You can say we are LIFETIME fans of the Charlotte Mason way, as my children are certain this method will be perfect for their families, once they start having children.


The Freeman Family | www.thecharlottemasonway.com

Let me introduce you to my family (from left to right):

Micah (22 but 18 in the picture), Mathias (16 but 12 in the picture), Harold (my hubby), Manoah (8 but 5 in the picture), Dollie (that’s me), and Cassondra (24 but 20 in the picture).

I look forward to sharing insights, tips and more for your Charlotte Mason homeschool!