The Instructed Conscience™

The Instructed Conscience is a monthly membership designed to equip Christian Parents to form habits of a strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct in their family.

Each month, you will form one habit that rotates between faith, character, and conduct straight from the pages of Scripture using the parental and educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason.

“…a feeble will, bad habits, an uninstructed conscience, stick by many a Christian man through his life, because his parents failed in their duty to him, and he has not had force enough in himself to supply their omission.” Charlotte Mason

The Problem Christian Parents Face Today

Too many parents are finding that their young adult children are rejecting their Christian principles and abandoning their faith that they were raised on.

In fact, some statistics state that up to 70% of young adults walk away from their faith in college.

Most Christian parents do their best to pass on their beliefs to their children, take them to church every week, and live up to their Christian values.  

But that isn’t enough for one reason only.

Often times the principles, values, and habits that a child does in their first 18 years is done through force and the lack of choice, causing these beliefs to be a mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature, never truly penetrating the mind and heart of the child.

Without this penetration of beliefs, a young adults, with knew found freedom and independence chooses to do the opposite of what they were raised to do without a choice of their own.  

There is a process a person goes through in their educational life that turns ideas into habits. 

This process of turning ideas into habits is done through influence and free-will choices.

Many young adults have both influence and free-will choice for the first time in their life but they don’t know how to choose to go the right way, so they often make decisions based on peer-pressure. The repeated actions of a decision is where habit is decided.

“Habit is simply nature in action, growing stronger by exercise.” Charlotte Mason energy.”

I’m speaking from personal experience, as well as first-hand knowledge of way too many Christian young adults going the wrong way in life. 

That’s why I became a student of Scripture and Charlotte Mason’s original writing to diligently work to ensure our children carried our Christian principles into adulthood.

After hearing so many parents praise our adult children and share about how the wish they knew then what they know now to make a difference is their children’s lives, I’ve creating The Instructed Conscience that equip Christian parents to penetrate the mind and heart of their children with a strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct. 

The MOST Complete, One-of-a-Kind Habit Formation Membership

The Instructed Conscience™ have been designed to go from a feeble will, bad habits and uninstructed conscience to going the right way and growing to fruitful purpose.

It’s a perfect fit for those who are …


  • Christian parents for any age children, even newborn
  • Desire to form good habits in themselves and their children but don’t know where to start
  • Attracted to influencing their children with ideas of faith, character, and conduct
  • Struggle to combine intellectual and spiritual education together 
  • Committed to raising children with Christian principles, values, and habits
  • Needing help to add wholesome ideas into their lesson plans

Turn Ideas Into Habits

Introduce Christian Principles

Discover how to introduce your faith to your children, based on where they are in their educational life, while strengthen your knowledge of Scripture

Set Family Expectations

Explain exactly what a habit of faith, character, and conduct looks like, while providing your family with a step-by-step process to implementing that expectation.

Pre-determine Natural Consequences

Influence your children to go the right way by decising and discussing both natural reward and punishment before enforcing them.

Allow Free-Will Choices

Testing if your child will stand or fall on their own prior to them leaving your home will demonstrate if they will go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose.

Without these FOUR necessary elements in your efforts to form habits, you’re only creating a mere veneer laid on the surface of your child’s nature that they will reject and abandon in adulthood. 

An instructed conscience almost always goes the right way by choice because of this truth that Charlotte Mason’s shares in this quote:

“The will carries out the verdict of conscience; upon the verdicts of conscience is the conscientious man, of whose actions and opinions you may be sure beforehand, and then what becomes of these elaborate proceedings? That is just the advantage of an instructed conscience backed by a trained intelligence; the judge is always sitting, the counsel al-
ways on the spot.” Charlotte Mason  

Habit is the key to instructing the conscience and strengthening the will to choose to go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose.

The only way to influence the will to do that which it knows it ought to do is to penetrate the mind and heart with wholesome ideas that turn into habits.  

A Monthly Member Designed to Instructed the Conscience

The Instructed Conscience™ Includes:

The Instructed Conscience™ includes THREE phases of philosophies: Christian Family Government Foundation, Habit Formation Foundations, and the Influence of Ideas.

Phase One: The Christian Family Government is a FOUR part training teaching on parental authority, willing obedience, good habits, and healthy relationships and how these work together with your Christian principles and values to secure smooth and easy days while living in peach with each other.

Phase Two: Habit Formation Foundations is a SEVEN part training teaching the necessary elements to forming habits that penetrate the mind and heart to become the nature of a person. 

Phase Three: Influence of Ideas is the ONGOING monthly membership that equips parents and children to Form Christian habits of faith, character, and conduct. 


You must be clear about what the foundational philosophies of a Christian life consists of and what each looks like.

There are FOUR foundational philosophies that make up a sets up a Christian Family Government that raises children with strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct that penetrates the heart, not serving as a mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.

You’ll gain access to all four trainings and toolkits for each of these FOUR foundational philosophies that will guide and assist you in penetrating the mind and heart of every family member.

The four foundational philosophies are:

AUTHORITY is the God-given position of parents. However, this authority should never be positioned as forced or harsh. As parents, you need to discover how to use your authority to influence the choices your children make from the crib to adulthood.  

OBEDIENCE is a condition of the heart that all people, regardless of age, must learn. However, this obedience should be instant and willing. Your children need to discover how to choose the right way so that they will grow to fruitful purpose.

HABITS are what determines what a person does as part of their nature. However, the habits that lead to strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct must be formed with intentions that gives ownership to the child.

RELATIONSHIPS are why we do what we do day in and day out. However, the way we parent creates endless frictions between us and our children. Discover how to become a friendly ally to your children so that you can experience smooth & easy days.


Most parents don’t realize that habits formation requirest more than FIRST TIME OBEDIENCE with each and every command and direction. 

This lack of understanding how to penetrate the mind and heart to design the nature of a person is what this SEVEN part training will uncover for you. 

  1. The Habits of Remembering The missing piece to willing obedience and how to form it.
  2. Breaking the Habit of Defiance Recognizing the beginning of rebellion and what to do to avoid or eliminate it.
  3. Strong Willed: What It Is & What It Isn’t It’s NOT what you think and you’ll discover how to change the behavior of your most difficult children.
  4. Mending the Broken Relationship Identify and fix the root cause to the endless friction in your relationships.
  5. Taming the Tantrum At Any Age Your two year old isn’t the only one throwing tantrums! Eliminate this struggle at the root cause, no matter the age.
  6. Recognizing Your Tendencies Understand how tendencies work and how to recognize them in yourself first.
  7. Discerning Your Children’s Tendencies Discern what influences both the good and bad tendencies of your children

With this training guiding and assisting you in your parenting, you’ll quickly see how to become your child’s friendly ally instead of experiencing the battle of wills at every turn. 


Most children begin to tune out their parent’s voice as their sole influencer by the time they reach pre-teens. It with this knowledge that it becomes imperative to influence your children with wholesome ideas from others that you trust and align with your faith. 

From personal experience, I know how hard it is to find wholesome resources that will influence ideas of faith, character, and conduct that children will listen to and emulate in life choices.

That’s why I’ve created THE ONGOING part of this membership in a way that removes the guesswork, the research, the processing of idea, while saving you the time, energy, and effort. 

It’s time to introduce your children to examples of faith, character, and conduct that will earn their eager attention while penetrating their mind and heart. 

Introducing the monthly aspects of … 

The Instructed Conscience™ 

Each month will rotate between Influences of Ideas for Faith, Character, and Conduct which will include the following elements:

Deliverable #1: Christian Principle Video

This short video is perfect for the whole family to watch together as the teaching is taken straight from the pages of Scripture. 

Deliverable #2: Parent’s Toolkit

This digital resource guides and assists you, as the parent, in the FOUR parts to what Charlotte Mason states is needed to instruct the conscience: read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest. Perfect resource to follow up after watching the video to have a family discussion on the topic for the month.

Deliverable #3: Expectation Kit

This digital resource provides a step-by-step process to implementing the topic of the month so that it develops into a habit by growing stronger with exercise, without you or your children guessing what needs to be done to make the habit your own. 

Deliverable #4: Influential Example Card

This digital resource provides an example of faith, character, or conduct to be influenced by on the front and a short list of suggestions for further learning ideas on the back. 

These could easily become a collectable item for you and your children!

Deliverable #5: Conscience Call

This monthly coaching call is held on Zoom every 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 PM ET. 

Deliverable BONUS #6: Influential Lesson Plans

This digital bonus is only available by email to the active members during that month’s content delivery. 

Past Influential Lesson Plans that you missed can be purchased but are not found inside in hub.




So, you have some bad parenting habits that has passively allowed this endless friction to go on way to long, all the while you grow weary day-by-day.

I’ve been there and so has every other parent alive.

The good news is that with this clearly laid out step-by-step process, you can quickly take charge again, leaving that power struggle behind, as you commit to becoming your children’s friendly ally, without force or manipulation behavior.

If you are ready to become an active parent and form strong faith, noble character, and wholesome conduct in your children than I’ve got you covered with this bonus!


So, you want to become intentional about the Bible verses your children memorize, but you don’t feel organized to start.

I’ve been there and so has every other Christian parent alive.

The good news is this planner will walk you through what you need to do to become intentional about providing scripture for your children to memorize.

If you are ready to make Bible memory a part of your home than I’ve got you covered with this bonus!


So, you’re not sure what verses are best for your children since they range in ages.

I’ve been there and so has every other Christian parent alive.

The good news is that I’ve created a list of verses perfect for all ages to memorize, as soon as they can talk, that will equip you to know what verses to hid in your children’s heart regardless of their age.

If you are ready to discover how to raise your children with strong faith with this first step than I’ve got you covered with this bonus!



Charlotte Mason encouraged parents to have ‘short sayings’ that I call parental cues that helps remind and inspire the child to choose the right way.

I’ve created parental cue cards so that you can assist and guide your children in the formation of fruitful character and wholesome conduct. 


Charlotte Mason encouraged parents to create natural consequences that influences their children to choose the right way to go instead of doing the wrong thing.

I’ve created natural consequence cards that parents deal with on an ongoing basis so that you can assist and guide your children to choose to go the right way.


That is if we were talking just monetarilly… however the lifetime value it delivers to your family is truly PRICELESS!

I’m READY to instruct our family’s conscience, today!

Are You Ready to Form Habits of Faith, Character, & Conduct?

A Christian membership that turns ideas into habits of faith, character, and conduct so that you can instruct the conscience to go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose.

Not Sure About Something, These Common Questions & Answers Could Help!

Q: I'm don't know enough about Charlotte Mason to know if this is the right membership for our family.

I can completely understand that dilemma because in 1999 when I stumbled across Charlotte Mason, I was looking for answers to how I could homeschool our children, not parent them.

Let me introduce you to a mentor that I highly credit for the amazing children we’ve raised that provide us with humbling praises from those who know our family personally.

Charlotte Mason was an English educator from the 1800’s who wrote SIX volumes called The Original Homeschool Series as well as countless articles in her time.

She is best known for her educational philosophies that has been taking the homeschool community by storm although many using her method haven’t experienced the intended benefits of her philosophies – raising self-educating children.

Over these 22 years of being a student of Charlotte Mason’s original writings, I’ve been able to separate her philosophies in two categories: educational and parental.

Although I came to know these philosophies in my search of finding educational answers, they have transformed our family by starting with me, as a mother who has been with our children the majority of their lives.

Over these years of teaching the educational philosophies, I’ve come to realize that it is the parental philosophies that have made all the difference in raising self-educating children AND Christians.

Regardless of how your children are being educated for their academics, I’m 100% convinced that her parental philosophies will transform your family, one month at a time!

Q: I don't homeschool, should I still join the membership?

Absolutely! These parental philosophies apply to all parents, not just homeschooling ones.

But be warned…

You may just fall in love with Charlotte Mason to the point that you ‘may’ just want to consider homeschooling. However, you’ll NEVER feel that pressure from me or anyone else in my membership community.

I’m a FIRM believer and advocate of free-will.

Q: I already have The Habits of a Charlotte Mason Homeschool. Would I still benefit from this membership?

Absolutely! The Habits of a Charlotte Mason homeschool is the first phase of a Productive Homeschool that covers the TWO elliptical orbits of the homeschool.

1) Parents’: “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” Charlotte Mason

2) Child’s: “I am, I can, I ought, I will.”

It’s a GREAT place to couple together with this membership so that you can understand how to  instruct the free-will of your children.

Where this membership differs from the Habits digital course is that it walks parents through the step-by-step parental philosophies for habit formation to remove the causes of the endless friction with clearly laid out training, resources, and conversatinos dedicated to common causes that parents struggle with today. 

Q: I already have several of your other products, including The Charlotte Mason Knowledge Framework. Wouldn't that be all I need?

If your goal is to raise Christians with capital knowledge, strong faith, fruitful character, and wholesome conduct so that when they leave your home to take their place in society, you can secure they will also take your faith as their own.

Each of my digital products, including The Charlotte Mason Knowledge Framework have their own focus that teaches different aspects of this philosophy of education.

Q: I have already purchases so many other parenting courses and products from others but our home is still in chaos. How can this be different?

What this parental philosophy has that others lack is it forms your own family principles by which ALL of your parenting decisions will be directed from while supporting Scripture and tried and proven parental philosophies help you become. a friendly ally to your children as you empower their free-will to go the right way and grow to frutiful purpose.

Q: How will content be delivered each month?

Phase One & Two are already inside the Hub awaiting new members. 

Phase Three is the ONGOING content that gets delivered at the beginning of each month inside the member’s only hub. 

The DELIVERABLE BONUS is only delivered through email to those who are active members at during that month. 

The Conscience Coaching™ calls are delivered every third Thursday at 3 PM EDT on Zoom. REPLAYS will be found inside the member’s only hub.

Q: Will I get the same price if I choose not to enroll right now?

This is the last time that the membership will be offered at this price. The price will increase to $47 a month or $470 a year on May 7th at 7 PM ET.

As long as you stay an active member with a good standing account, you will lock in the price you enrolled with.

Q: What if I don't feel this is a right fit for our family? Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! I wouldn’t feel right about taking your money if you were finding the content and supporting coaching wasn’t effectively form habits of faith, character, and conduct.

All you’ll need to do is send me an email at requesting to have your membership canceled.

If you’re on the monthly plan, you won’t be charged for the next month.

If you’re on the annual plan, you’ll continue to have access for the remaining months on your plan, but you will NOT be billed for another year.

You will NOT receive a refund of unused months because the bonuses are digital.

Please note that if you cancel your membership, you will lose the grandfather pricing of your account. That means that if you decide to renew at another time, you’ll have to pay the going rate for the membership at that time.

I’m READY to form habits of faith, character, & conduct, today!