Are you wanting to know how to actually make your nature studies a little more academic? Perhaps your children just absorbs nature and you’d like an opportunity to make it more of a keepsake or something more meaningful to them besides just taking their nature walks or being observant outside. 


Children Choose Their Own Animal

You’re going to want to watch the video to get a visual of what I’m teaching that we do for nature studies to turn them into keep sake books.

The first step is that you’re going to want your children to choose their own animal. It can be a flying animal, a mammal, something from the ocean. It doesn’t matter.

Your children are the ones who are going to choose their topic for their book out of their nature studies.

Assign Entries


Then you’re going to have particular things you expect to be put in to this book. Depending on their age, you can actually add a few extra assignments.

A child could add poetry, Bible verses if  the animal was in the Bible. Other ideas include pictures, photocopies, or sketches. Our kids loved adding tracks to their books. 

Assign Other Subjects


Assigning your children to draw and label body parts gets into the science of biology. You can habitats, and other characteristics of the animals that fall under science, as well. 

You can add map work to bring in geography.



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